Silver Nameplate Necklace with Two Names and a Heart

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First of all, this nameplate necklace made from silver is styled after the popular custom Name plate Necklace celebrities have been seen also wearing them. On this nameplate necklace made from silver 925 your name will be personalized with a Classic Font , and a price is the same for every name!

Personalize a customized Name Necklace with our Silver Nameplate Necklace with Two Names and a Heart!

Product specification:

- The sterling silver nameplate necklace is aprox. 6cm wide and 1cm high.
- You can order the Silver Nameplate Necklace with Two Names and a Heart with a 40, 50 or 60 cm Sterling Silver necklace.
- Personalize this name necklace made from silver with as many letters you want (up to 10 letters per row), but if you have more rows, therefore, we have a necklace with two names(two rows) or a necklace with three names(three rows).
- This item makes great gift idea for a friend or your grandmother maybe.
- This silver nameplate necklace can be personalized with any name you want, or some text or message (for example: ILoveYou).
- Only the first letter on the name necklace will be capitalized, and it goes one name per necklace.
- If you want a nameplate necklace with two names, we have it here.

Processing time for your nameplate necklace silver made is 24 hours!!!

You can order this silver namenecklace with additional symbols: heart, star, flower, four-leaf clover ..

This namenecklace you can wear with any outfit - skirts, shirt & jeans, classy, evening dresses..
This amazing piece of jewelry will look extraordinary on you. Silver Nameplate Necklace with Two Names and a Heart is Sterling Silver version of the classic Carrie name necklace, that Sara Jessica Parker wore in Sex & the City, and it will never go out of trend.
Although they were originally made famous by Carrie Bradshaw from Sex and the City, they are now worn by almost many superstars including Kim Kardashian, Adriana Lima, and Britney Spears ...

Please Note:

The photos displayed on are for illustrative purposes only and showing only one name. Your name will look slightly different with this font, and you can check it here . Nameplate size will vary in accordance with the length of your name.

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Silver Nameplate Necklace with Two Names and a Heart

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